Learn More About The Tuvaro Search Application & Advertisements

Search Functionalities

The Tuvaro Search Application contains search functionalities that will allow you to enter web-search queries into a search box and will also display related searches based on the content from the webpage you are visiting.


The Tuvaro Search Application also presents 'in-text ads' to users. Some users will see keywords that are double-underlined on some website text. Hover over the link and you will see a small dialog box containing an advertisement related to that keyword. If you are interested in the advertisement, simply click on the ad to be directed to the advertiser's web page. If you're not interested in the ad, just continue reading. When the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the Search Application will disappear. Other advertisements may also appear when you are online generally and will be identified as Tuvaro Advertisements.

Opt Out

If you would like to stop receiving the Tuvaro Search Application and advertisements from Tuvaro in this browser, click here to disable, then refresh your web page. For instructions on uninstalling the Tuvaro toolbar, please click here.

Privacy Policy and Toolbar License Agreement

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To read our Tuvaro toolbar License Agreement click here.